There is nothing more important in life than our health. It is the essential aspect of our existence; no health no life. It is for this reason that we must protect and preserve it with what we depend on – our lives.

Natural is the turn to take when on the health highway. Fruits and vegetables including, yes, broccoli, are the number one source of good health. Thinking fruit juice? Make sure to avoid the sweetness of juices produced by big multinationals and squeeze some oranges or blend up some pineapples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, remember? Hit the market or your garden and mix up some mouth watering salad for a happier stomach.IMG-20170608-WA0021

If time is not on your hands as is the norm these days to make your own natural fruit juice or salads, why not visit a juice and veggie eatery in your local area? Mind you though that this will be heavier on your wallet. For my fellow people in Bamenda, Reynam Foods in commercial avenue is recommended. Just be patient with their customer service and you’ll have yourself a good glass for almost nothing.IMG-20170608-WA0020

From personal experience, RAEDY dropped a great load of weight like it was hot just by eating vegetables, fruits and drinking water, the drink of life. Not that exercise doesn’t help but the driving factor is what you put inside of you.IMG-20170608-WA0019

Strive to take care of the body that works for the money, after all it is the temple of the Most High. Choose healthy and wisely for the betterment of your general health and always remember HEALTH is WEALTH.


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We all love to eat and it is pretty debatable whether we all love to cook.I have my moments,I cant be in the kitchen at 6:30 when I have a date at 7.Makeup alone takes up to 30 minutes and who knows where the night might lead?I can’t do the cooking thingy after my date.Well,I gat us covered.Its the diary room and we are sharing secrets so let me whisper a few of my kitchen hacks to you.We are going to that date come rain or shine.Let’s get to it then. Continue reading “YOUR KITCHEN JUST GOT HACKED”

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