The blogging community has been wonderful.This is probably the most important post I am ever gonna write but its kinda the hardest because there are so many words to be expressed but am just gonna use the one-THANK YOU-

RAEDY was created on the 29th of April and got mind blowing traffic with over 145 views from a variety of countries.On the 8th of MAY,launch day,RAEDY got an even more thrilling response as the number of views doubled#GOALS

I want to thank the best set of friends I have;KYLIE,RANDY,NIKITA,TRISHA and TERRY for doing the amazing job of liking,sharing,commenting and following,making RAEDY buzz at home and abroad.

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THANK YOU my fellow WordPress bloggers for the amazing reception.You guys have been awesome.Your likes,follows and comments made me realize that RAEDY’S impact is felt across oceans.

RAEDY is ALWAYS RAEDY and with this new found family,confidence and support,RAEDY will be working even harder to bring you the best of the best.Be sure to always have something new every Monday,Wednesday and Friday.





The internet is ‘bae’we all use it for different reasons and it sucks when the  lines are slow or when the internet is not there at all.

Allow me to introduce you to a few of my friends.

  • That b**ch stole your boyfriend and you have been following her on social media to see if she’s up to your level but your Facebook page takes hours to load.
  • My favorite artists  Locko, Sia, Rihanna,Travis Scott and Daphne posted killer pictures with outfits that are to die for  and I want to show them to Niky but it takes ages for the pictures to open up.
  • Trisha is a You Tuber and finally started uploading her video and it takes over 24 hours to upload?It gets to 99% and the little 100 frs bundle she subscribed for has been exhausted.
  • Are you just  like Rogers? A student in his final year who is way behind on his research report  and needs to get online ASAP but he lives in a cite with crappy network.
  • Milton was forced to go to the farm in the village for a week  which is very boring and the only way he can entertain himself is surfing the internet but the network he uses isn’t available in his village.

I bet we can all relate to  one of these people.Lets face it times are hard.What if I told you I have an inexpensive solution to all your problems and much more.

Did you know that at only 100 frs you can get 100 MB /24 hrs?Even when you are broke it is possible to get an SOS data loan.

Maybe you are a Giga person#Jako money# Papa BEAC and you are ready to spend the money.You can get up to 2 GB for only…wait for it… 1000 frs.

You are having one of those days  where there is nothing new for you to see online and you are just generally bored but you bought so much data and you thinking it will all go to waste.Not today,get 350 MB for 300 frs valid for 3 days.

You just got that paycheck,that “bank alert”your “Mugu” don pay and you want to spend big.Get your Giga data using the purple,red or brown notes and get up to 7 GB per week,45 GB /month and much more.

Enough said,it is time for the big reveal.The secret word is ORANGE Cameroon.Yes you heard me right ORANGE Cameroon is faster, bigger and better.It is the best,fastest and most affordable 4G network in Cameroon.Even when internet is free you are guaranteed zero traffic.Go to the highest mountains and  deepest seas and it still remains the fastest and most affordable network in Cameroon.I tell you this from many many years of experience.

Go now to an Orange office around you and within minutes you will be browsing like no other.There is no long wait, no queue and the staff are the most polite people I know.Their 4G Sim cards are adapted for your convenience.

Drop what you are doing but finish reading all the posts on my blog lol and go get an Orange Sim card.You will be glad you did.

Click here for more information.

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