Is it just me or are there fewer girls going natural?Before I go on to tell you why you need the ‘BIG CHOP’,just take a moment and scroll down to the gallery. Inhale (she breathes in) hmmm and take a good look at these beauties see how amazing they look with their natural hair.Scroll back up and I will give you reasons why you should  follow the trend and be a #team natural hair.




Meet Cameroon’s very own model and highlighter slay queen.Her highlighter game is always lit.Follow her @steph_fosi for more makeup and fashion trends.

If you look  closely at most of your pictures  especially those taken under good lighting you will discover that there are some parts of your face that seem to glow than the rest.See how beautiful you look with that glow.Now imagine how prettier you can be with a little enhancement,that is the magic in highlighters.Just as the name implies it makes parts of your face that enhance your beauty more visible and give you that natural glow.As a makeup enthusiast I always love to live on the edge,trying out new ways to apply makeup and new products.

The one makeup product I found that has a double duty is the highlighter.If you are going for that shimmery/glittery look then the best makeup choice will be to use a highlighter. If you really want your face to stand out,it has been recommended to never go a day without your highlighter even when you don’t feel like making up.According to stylecaster these are the 7 best highlighters you can find.

You can get them at your nearest NIKI HEAT makeup store,follow the RED makeup tour presently in Douala  or buy online from Cameroon’s #1 online store JUMIA and get advice on the highlighter shade that best suits  your skin undertone.

I believe you have purchased your highlighter.If so then lets get to work.Those with long nails will  probably need a highlighter brush to proceed while those with short nails have an advantage as it is easier for them to apply on some specific areas with the index finger.

  • Always apply your highlighter after your full face makeup.It should be the last product you apply just before your setting spray.
  • Apply your highlighter under your brow bone.This will give the illusion of larger eyes[big eyes rock].
  • Apply on the cheekbones.Target the area at the center of the apples of your cheek just over your blush.
  • Apply in the inner corner of your eyes.If you want to get that URIEL look then this is a must as it will make you look awake.
  • Apply on the bridge of your nose to make your nose appear slimmer.To give an even slimmer effect apply some contouring powder on the sides.
  • Apply diagonally along your cheekbone.Begin from the center of your eye socket towards your hairline.
  • Apply on your chin and cupid’s bow with a concealer brush to make your lips look fuller.
  • Apply at the center of your eyelids to make them look bigger and more awake.
  • Apply on your fore head to make it brighter and bigger.This is conditional for those who appear to have a larger forehead[Rihanna yo! Where my Rihannas at?]
  • Lastly,if you want your face to have that general glow,then mix your liquid highlighter with your moisturizer and apply all over your face.
  • Finish up your look by applying a generous amount of setting spray for a vibrant look throughout the day.

Below is an application chart and the different highlighter brushes.I will do a write-up on  how to use the brushes in my next post.This is a video on how to apply highlighters.Quality makeup products can be quite expensive. Learn how to make your own highlighter at home.

Highlighter application


It’s your turn. Send us before and after pictures of your highlighter application.



Welcome to the goldmine.
If you are a makeup Artist, Enthusiast, Critic etc then you would know how important highlighters are. If not, then check out my post on highlighters to get acquainted cuz it’s magical. It gives that shimmer and glow to the high parts of your face like bridge of nose, cheekbones etc making every look glam and on fleek. Makeup products can be quite expensive especially if you decide to use the big makeup names like Sephora, MAC etc.

How about I tell you there is a way to go around this and cut expenses. Get the money you were going to use for a highlighter and treat yourself to something nice. Maybe a nice pair of earrings, skinny jeans or a jean jacket. Guess what? You can buy whatever you want from now on cuz as long as you’ve got me and we’ve got each other you will be spending a lot less on makeup cuz I will teach you how to DIY (do it yourself).

If you are not ready to spend take your shoes off, let your hair down and read on. I promise you will love every minute of it.

We are going to make two types of highlighters
A. PRESSED HIGHLIGHTERS: This is especially conducive for long-term users. We will need the following;
• Container: Old powder or concealer container.
• Spatula for mixing.
• 70% Alcohol: Always add drop after drop cuz we are going for a dry and not wet paste.
• Tissue
• Eye shadow: You are in control here so whatever colour you want your highlighter to look like depends on you but remember the shade you put the most will be dominant. The champagne shade suits light skin tones and bronze for darker skin tones.imag19091.jpg
Powder your eye shadow into the container and add alcohol drop after drop till you have attained your preferred consistency.
Cover with tissue and place a hard thingy on top hence the pressed formula.
Take off tissue and leave open for 12 hrs tops for the highlighter to dry up and tadaa!!!!!!! Your highlighter is ready.
It’s not advisable to apply on the face immediately. Keep in your fridge overnight to make it harder then you can get all glamed up.
B. CREAM HIGHLIGHTER: This has a little more edge over the pressed powder as you can use it on-the-go by making a little directly on your palm or for long-term use. We are going to use the same equipment but we are going to substitute the alcohol for moisturizer.

Powder your preferred eye shadow into the container and add your moisturizer few drops at a time and mix till you get the cream you need.
You can add a little bit of your favorite face primer for a longer lasting product.

If this still doesn’t seem right to you well,no problem. I’ll give you a few reasons why this DIY is amazing.
• It’s literally a zero cost product as you already have all you need in your makeup bag.
• You are in total control and can whip up whatever you want however you like it.
• It is super easy.
• You now have much more money in your hands so it’s a win-win.
• It’s fun.
• You can now teach someone else and be their hero.
You are ready to go get ‘snatched’. Read on how to apply your highlighter in our previous post. Did you follow this easy guide to making your highlighter? Send us pics of your finished product, comment or email us and let us know how this helped.


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