6:15am or so”Edwan wake up Gabriel is having another crisis”(emphasis on another).

Now if you are from my house this is the last thing you want to hear so early in the morning or at all.Having a sibling with a permanent health condition is not an easy thing to deal with.Its permanent, all the checkups and surgeries just prolong the inevitable.You never really think of them leaving you one day but the thought caves itself somewhere at the furthest end of your brain. Continue reading



Adulthood is the ultimate level of responsibility. You now have to take decisions on your own unlike before when mommy and daddy always came to your rescue. IMG-20170610-WA0002
Adulthood is like a step into a realm of responsibility. Utilising all 24 hours judiciously because you now understand that a minute passed can never be regained.

No school teaches you how to be an adult. The school of life, maybe but YOU are the teacher in that one student class.IMG-20170610-WA0003.jpg

Looking carefully, listening, always watching out for stumbles becomes a must because even though it’s not impossible to get back up, it is not easy.

Don’t be too hard on yourself though. Do fun things, be playful, be carefree once in a while. Drive the road of life steadily slowing down at it’s many bumps and you’ll be good.IMG-20170610-WA0005.jpg

Adulthood is a not so easy but fun place to be especially if you surround yourself with good counsel and wisdom. Thread carefully and try as hard as humanly possible to keep out of troubles. Go and be free. Go and be happy.

Welcome to adulthood.IMG-20170610-WA0001


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Is it just me or are there fewer girls going natural?Before I go on to tell you why you need the ‘BIG CHOP’,just take a moment and scroll down to the gallery. Inhale (she breathes in) hmmm and take a good look at these beauties see how amazing they look with their natural hair.Scroll back up and I will give you reasons why you should  follow the trend and be a #team natural hair.

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We all love to eat and it is pretty debatable whether we all love to cook.I have my moments,I cant be in the kitchen at 6:30 when I have a date at 7.Makeup alone takes up to 30 minutes and who knows where the night might lead?I can’t do the cooking thingy after my date.Well,I gat us covered.Its the diary room and we are sharing secrets so let me whisper a few of my kitchen hacks to you.We are going to that date come rain or shine.Let’s get to it then. Continue reading



  1. About 90% of the worlds population kisses.
  2. Coca-cola originally contained cocaine
  3. Everyday in the world somewhere is a public holiday.
  4. A one minute kiss burns 26 calories.
  5. Brazil is named after a tree.
  6. The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes.
  7. August has the highest percentage of births.


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The Bro Code

You are my bro, he is my bro, we are all bros. It is on this solid foundation that emerged the code, not just no ordinary code – the bro code. So what really is the bro code?

Made famous on the show ‘How i met your mother’ by Barney Stinson, it is all about loyalty, commitment and trust amongst ‘bros’.  The slang ‘bros before hoes’ was coined from the bro code.propaganda__the_bro_code_by_robinkenell-d3eaig7

Below are a few but important aspects of the bro code:

  1. You must always have your bro’s back: I think this goes without saying. You are obliged as a true friend to always stand up for your bro when need be. This ensures the growth and prosperity of the brotherhood.635956603169818492-404811674_Bro+code+1_768b77_3714067 (1) 2
  2. You know nothing when your bros girlfriend inquires about his whereabouts: With the exception of emergencies of course, you must never reveal to his girlfriend his whereabouts no matter what.
  3. Gas Money fellas: Without being prompted, when a bro gives you a ride, you pitch in a little something for gas. Its proper bro etiquette.
  4. Always tell your bro if his girl cheats on him: NEVER and I repeat NEVER let your bro move around ignorant. He will look like a fool and you don’t want that. It is your responsibility to make him aware of this sad occurrence.BOH_400x400
  5. Never make fun of a bro for hooking up with an unattractive girl: I understand it is hard not to but it kills a bros spirit and sends his confidence plummeting to the ground.
  6. Last but not least and most importantly, YOU MUST NEVER HIT ON A BROS GIRLFRIEND: From personal experience and what rampantly goes on where I live, this rule is virtually non-existent. It is important to understand to back off a bros girl and you know, find one for yourself.  Just as you have to inform him about his girl cheating if you find out, you wouldn’t want to be the ‘other guy’ would you?

I know most of us have never been keen on following all the rules after all what are rules there for if they cant be broken. Living by the bro code is a matter of hardcore determination and  personal choice and even though hard and seemingly impossible, it definitely makes you a man of substance. No one will notice or better still praise you for your decision to remain a dignified man but at the end of the day, it is all about how you feel inside because that is all there is to life; personal freedom.

Your suggestions as always is welcomed. Do you agree? Did i leave out something? Bring it on!!!!!!!





Welcome to the goldmine.
If you are a makeup Artist, Enthusiast, Critic etc then you would know how important highlighters are. If not, then check out my post on highlighters to get acquainted cuz it’s magical. It gives that shimmer and glow to the high parts of your face like bridge of nose, cheekbones etc making every look glam and on fleek. Makeup products can be quite expensive especially if you decide to use the big makeup names like Sephora, MAC etc.

How about I tell you there is a way to go around this and cut expenses. Get the money you were going to use for a highlighter and treat yourself to something nice. Maybe a nice pair of earrings, skinny jeans or a jean jacket. Guess what? You can buy whatever you want from now on cuz as long as you’ve got me and we’ve got each other you will be spending a lot less on makeup cuz I will teach you how to DIY (do it yourself).

If you are not ready to spend take your shoes off, let your hair down and read on. I promise you will love every minute of it.

We are going to make two types of highlighters
A. PRESSED HIGHLIGHTERS: This is especially conducive for long-term users. We will need the following;
• Container: Old powder or concealer container.
• Spatula for mixing.
• 70% Alcohol: Always add drop after drop cuz we are going for a dry and not wet paste.
• Tissue
• Eye shadow: You are in control here so whatever colour you want your highlighter to look like depends on you but remember the shade you put the most will be dominant. The champagne shade suits light skin tones and bronze for darker skin tones.imag19091.jpg
Powder your eye shadow into the container and add alcohol drop after drop till you have attained your preferred consistency.
Cover with tissue and place a hard thingy on top hence the pressed formula.
Take off tissue and leave open for 12 hrs tops for the highlighter to dry up and tadaa!!!!!!! Your highlighter is ready.
It’s not advisable to apply on the face immediately. Keep in your fridge overnight to make it harder then you can get all glamed up.
B. CREAM HIGHLIGHTER: This has a little more edge over the pressed powder as you can use it on-the-go by making a little directly on your palm or for long-term use. We are going to use the same equipment but we are going to substitute the alcohol for moisturizer.

Powder your preferred eye shadow into the container and add your moisturizer few drops at a time and mix till you get the cream you need.
You can add a little bit of your favorite face primer for a longer lasting product.

If this still doesn’t seem right to you well,no problem. I’ll give you a few reasons why this DIY is amazing.
• It’s literally a zero cost product as you already have all you need in your makeup bag.
• You are in total control and can whip up whatever you want however you like it.
• It is super easy.
• You now have much more money in your hands so it’s a win-win.
• It’s fun.
• You can now teach someone else and be their hero.
You are ready to go get ‘snatched’. Read on how to apply your highlighter in our previous post. Did you follow this easy guide to making your highlighter? Send us pics of your finished product, comment or email us and let us know how this helped.