The blogging community has been wonderful.This is probably the most important post I am ever gonna write but its kinda the hardest because there are so many words to be expressed but am just gonna use the one-THANK YOU-

RAEDY was created on the 29th of April and got mind blowing traffic with over 145 views from a variety of countries.On the 8th of MAY,launch day,RAEDY got an even more thrilling response as the number of views doubled#GOALS

I want to thank the best set of friends I have;KYLIE,RANDY,NIKITA,TRISHA and TERRY for doing the amazing job of liking,sharing,commenting and following,making RAEDY buzz at home and abroad.

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THANK YOU my fellow WordPress bloggers for the amazing reception.You guys have been awesome.Your likes,follows and comments made me realize that RAEDY’S impact is felt across oceans.

RAEDY is ALWAYS RAEDY and with this new found family,confidence and support,RAEDY will be working even harder to bring you the best of the best.Be sure to always have something new every Monday,Wednesday and Friday.




Author: EDY

Hi everyone,you are most welcomed to my blog.I have always had a passion and unlimited enthusiasm for writing,sharing my thoughts and ideas.Stick with me like glue and I assure you a great time and bundles of nonstop jaw dropping posts.😱 Thank you Xoxo

5 thoughts on “SKYROCKET LAUNCH

  1. You welcome girl.😘


  2. There’s definately a lot to find out about this topic. I love all
    the points you have made.


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