Before I begin on the part II of my weed experience check out the part one anecdote right HERE. It will only take you few minutes. You won’t regret it.

All caught up? Welcome back on track.

I loved the high and I was always looking forward to my next high. For a newbie like me,my high always lasted for hours upon hours worst still if it had been cooked, fried, drunk…hmm good times. Continue reading “I USED TO LOVE THE HIGH TOO”

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As a girl at some point in your life you must have made an incredibly dumb-ass decision all for some lame guy right?Well this was my bad decision and this wasn’t for some guy,this was/is for THE guy.

It has been called by many names,some less popular than others;Marijuana,Weed,Ganja,THC,Mary Jane,Kush,Laughing Grass,Cannabis,Pot,Greenhouse/Green leaf,Vegetable,’Njama-Njama and the list will never come to an end because this ‘Grass’ means different things to different people. As for me,I just called it ‘THE STUFF’. I chose this name because I wasn’t yet comfortable giving it an actual name,I wasn’t ready for an emotional attachment to it. Okay enough with the history and unto why I used to like the high and why I don’t anymore(kinda).imagesimages (2) Continue reading “I USED TO LOVE THE HIGH”

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6:15am or so”Edwan wake up Gabriel is having another crisis”(emphasis on another).

Now if you are from my house this is the last thing you want to hear so early in the morning or at all.Having a sibling with a permanent health condition is not an easy thing to deal with.Its permanent, all the checkups and surgeries just prolong the inevitable.You never really think of them leaving you one day but the thought caves itself somewhere at the furthest end of your brain. Continue reading “A THOUSAND REASONS WHY”

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Summer is fast approaching and it is time to come get some “mixed up boogie”. Music lovers,polish your dancing shoes and get ready to move your body to the rhythm of “NO WORK”, the latest masterpiece by your country’s very own Bob Marley, the legendary Divine MokoroIMG-20170531-WA0007.

Divine Mokoro in ‘collabo’ with the Qemites will be shutting down critics this summer with their latest album ‘NO WORK’. With topics ranging from bad governance to romance, the album is filled with speaker breaker jams.IMG-20170531-WA0005

“NO WORK” is his third album release, and just like its predecessors, ‘No work’ is on its way to even higher heights with its soul touching, body moving and motivational theme. The album consists of 8 hard hitting jams composed by Divine MokoroIMG-20170531-WA0008

‘A lot of work was put into NO WORK’ laughs Mr Mokoro, when he sat down with RAEDY to talk about his latest hustle.’People should come prepared to be moved,I’m going to shout and disturb the streets of this town’ he adds.

Come July 2017, the artist will be launching his album in a concert near you, so get ‘RAEDY’ to turn up because turn down for what? Right? ‘RAEDY as always will be available with the details when all is set.IMG-20170531-WA0006_1

Ahead of its official launch, copies of the album are available digitally and on CD’s. To get your copy, simply send RAEDY’s official facebook page a message or contact 00237-83799072 on whatsapp. Get to work. Get your copy now.

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Is it just me or are there fewer girls going natural?Before I go on to tell you why you need the ‘BIG CHOP’,just take a moment and scroll down to the gallery. Inhale (she breathes in) hmmm and take a good look at these beauties see how amazing they look with their natural hair.Scroll back up and I will give you reasons why you should  follow the trend and be a #team natural hair.


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It has been a little more than two weeks since the CAMIFF 2017 but for some reason we still get echoes of the behind the scenes.Celebrities were introduced and pictures were taken.You know how they say a picture is a thousand words,well some one took Miss Dilong’s photo a little further than a thousand words and alleged a sex scandal between the multi talented Cameroonian beauty queen and a well-known Nigerian actor. Continue reading “NSANG DILONG SETS THE RECORD STAIGHT”

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The blogging community has been wonderful.This is probably the most important post I am ever gonna write but its kinda the hardest because there are so many words to be expressed but am just gonna use the one-THANK YOU-

RAEDY was created on the 29th of April and got mind blowing traffic with over 145 views from a variety of countries.On the 8th of MAY,launch day,RAEDY got an even more thrilling response as the number of views doubled#GOALS

I want to thank the best set of friends I have;KYLIE,RANDY,NIKITA,TRISHA and TERRY for doing the amazing job of liking,sharing,commenting and following,making RAEDY buzz at home and abroad.

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THANK YOU my fellow WordPress bloggers for the amazing reception.You guys have been awesome.Your likes,follows and comments made me realize that RAEDY’S impact is felt across oceans.

RAEDY is ALWAYS RAEDY and with this new found family,confidence and support,RAEDY will be working even harder to bring you the best of the best.Be sure to always have something new every Monday,Wednesday and Friday.



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We all love to eat and it is pretty debatable whether we all love to cook.I have my moments,I cant be in the kitchen at 6:30 when I have a date at 7.Makeup alone takes up to 30 minutes and who knows where the night might lead?I can’t do the cooking thingy after my date.Well,I gat us covered.Its the diary room and we are sharing secrets so let me whisper a few of my kitchen hacks to you.We are going to that date come rain or shine.Let’s get to it then. Continue reading “YOUR KITCHEN JUST GOT HACKED”

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  1. About 90% of the worlds population kisses.
  2. Coca-cola originally contained cocaine
  3. Everyday in the world somewhere is a public holiday.
  4. A one minute kiss burns 26 calories.
  5. Brazil is named after a tree.
  6. The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes.
  7. August has the highest percentage of births.


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Meet Cameroon’s very own model and highlighter slay queen.Her highlighter game is always lit.Follow her @steph_fosi for more makeup and fashion trends.

If you look  closely at most of your pictures  especially those taken under good lighting you will discover that there are some parts of your face that seem to glow than the rest.See how beautiful you look with that glow.Now imagine how prettier you can be with a little enhancement,that is the magic in highlighters.Just as the name implies it makes parts of your face that enhance your beauty more visible and give you that natural glow.As a makeup enthusiast I always love to live on the edge,trying out new ways to apply makeup and new products.

The one makeup product I found that has a double duty is the highlighter.If you are going for that shimmery/glittery look then the best makeup choice will be to use a highlighter. If you really want your face to stand out,it has been recommended to never go a day without your highlighter even when you don’t feel like making up.According to stylecaster these are the 7 best highlighters you can find.

You can get them at your nearest NIKI HEAT makeup store,follow the RED makeup tour presently in Douala  or buy online from Cameroon’s #1 online store JUMIA and get advice on the highlighter shade that best suits  your skin undertone.

I believe you have purchased your highlighter.If so then lets get to work.Those with long nails will  probably need a highlighter brush to proceed while those with short nails have an advantage as it is easier for them to apply on some specific areas with the index finger.

  • Always apply your highlighter after your full face makeup.It should be the last product you apply just before your setting spray.
  • Apply your highlighter under your brow bone.This will give the illusion of larger eyes[big eyes rock].
  • Apply on the cheekbones.Target the area at the center of the apples of your cheek just over your blush.
  • Apply in the inner corner of your eyes.If you want to get that URIEL look then this is a must as it will make you look awake.
  • Apply on the bridge of your nose to make your nose appear slimmer.To give an even slimmer effect apply some contouring powder on the sides.
  • Apply diagonally along your cheekbone.Begin from the center of your eye socket towards your hairline.
  • Apply on your chin and cupid’s bow with a concealer brush to make your lips look fuller.
  • Apply at the center of your eyelids to make them look bigger and more awake.
  • Apply on your fore head to make it brighter and bigger.This is conditional for those who appear to have a larger forehead[Rihanna yo! Where my Rihannas at?]
  • Lastly,if you want your face to have that general glow,then mix your liquid highlighter with your moisturizer and apply all over your face.
  • Finish up your look by applying a generous amount of setting spray for a vibrant look throughout the day.

Below is an application chart and the different highlighter brushes.I will do a write-up on  how to use the brushes in my next post.This is a video on how to apply highlighters.Quality makeup products can be quite expensive. Learn how to make your own highlighter at home.

Highlighter application


It’s your turn. Send us before and after pictures of your highlighter application.

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The Bro Code

You are my bro, he is my bro, we are all bros. It is on this solid foundation that emerged the code, not just no ordinary code – the bro code. So what really is the bro code?

Made famous on the show ‘How i met your mother’ by Barney Stinson, it is all about loyalty, commitment and trust amongst ‘bros’.  The slang ‘bros before hoes’ was coined from the bro code.propaganda__the_bro_code_by_robinkenell-d3eaig7

Below are a few but important aspects of the bro code:

  1. You must always have your bro’s back: I think this goes without saying. You are obliged as a true friend to always stand up for your bro when need be. This ensures the growth and prosperity of the brotherhood.635956603169818492-404811674_Bro+code+1_768b77_3714067 (1) 2
  2. You know nothing when your bros girlfriend inquires about his whereabouts: With the exception of emergencies of course, you must never reveal to his girlfriend his whereabouts no matter what.
  3. Gas Money fellas: Without being prompted, when a bro gives you a ride, you pitch in a little something for gas. Its proper bro etiquette.
  4. Always tell your bro if his girl cheats on him: NEVER and I repeat NEVER let your bro move around ignorant. He will look like a fool and you don’t want that. It is your responsibility to make him aware of this sad occurrence.BOH_400x400
  5. Never make fun of a bro for hooking up with an unattractive girl: I understand it is hard not to but it kills a bros spirit and sends his confidence plummeting to the ground.
  6. Last but not least and most importantly, YOU MUST NEVER HIT ON A BROS GIRLFRIEND: From personal experience and what rampantly goes on where I live, this rule is virtually non-existent. It is important to understand to back off a bros girl and you know, find one for yourself.  Just as you have to inform him about his girl cheating if you find out, you wouldn’t want to be the ‘other guy’ would you?

I know most of us have never been keen on following all the rules after all what are rules there for if they cant be broken. Living by the bro code is a matter of hardcore determination and  personal choice and even though hard and seemingly impossible, it definitely makes you a man of substance. No one will notice or better still praise you for your decision to remain a dignified man but at the end of the day, it is all about how you feel inside because that is all there is to life; personal freedom.

Your suggestions as always is welcomed. Do you agree? Did i leave out something? Bring it on!!!!!!!



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The internet is ‘bae’we all use it for different reasons and it sucks when the  lines are slow or when the internet is not there at all.

Allow me to introduce you to a few of my friends.

  • That b**ch stole your boyfriend and you have been following her on social media to see if she’s up to your level but your Facebook page takes hours to load.
  • My favorite artists  Locko, Sia, Rihanna,Travis Scott and Daphne posted killer pictures with outfits that are to die for  and I want to show them to Niky but it takes ages for the pictures to open up.
  • Trisha is a You Tuber and finally started uploading her video and it takes over 24 hours to upload?It gets to 99% and the little 100 frs bundle she subscribed for has been exhausted.
  • Are you just  like Rogers? A student in his final year who is way behind on his research report  and needs to get online ASAP but he lives in a cite with crappy network.
  • Milton was forced to go to the farm in the village for a week  which is very boring and the only way he can entertain himself is surfing the internet but the network he uses isn’t available in his village.

I bet we can all relate to  one of these people.Lets face it times are hard.What if I told you I have an inexpensive solution to all your problems and much more.

Did you know that at only 100 frs you can get 100 MB /24 hrs?Even when you are broke it is possible to get an SOS data loan.

Maybe you are a Giga person#Jako money# Papa BEAC and you are ready to spend the money.You can get up to 2 GB for only…wait for it… 1000 frs.

You are having one of those days  where there is nothing new for you to see online and you are just generally bored but you bought so much data and you thinking it will all go to waste.Not today,get 350 MB for 300 frs valid for 3 days.

You just got that paycheck,that “bank alert”your “Mugu” don pay and you want to spend big.Get your Giga data using the purple,red or brown notes and get up to 7 GB per week,45 GB /month and much more.

Enough said,it is time for the big reveal.The secret word is ORANGE Cameroon.Yes you heard me right ORANGE Cameroon is faster, bigger and better.It is the best,fastest and most affordable 4G network in Cameroon.Even when internet is free you are guaranteed zero traffic.Go to the highest mountains and  deepest seas and it still remains the fastest and most affordable network in Cameroon.I tell you this from many many years of experience.

Go now to an Orange office around you and within minutes you will be browsing like no other.There is no long wait, no queue and the staff are the most polite people I know.Their 4G Sim cards are adapted for your convenience.

Drop what you are doing but finish reading all the posts on my blog lol and go get an Orange Sim card.You will be glad you did.

Click here for more information.

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JOHNNY DEBT:A Pirate’s pillage and plunder lifestyle.

Johnny Depp’s pirate lifestyle has definitely paid off putting him in a huge debt of 40 million US D. It all began last year in march when the actor fired his managers at The Management Group[TMG] for mismanaging his money.Before we get into the juicy details of this case let us get to know our favorite pirate.


John Christopher “Johnny”Depp II is one of the most successful American actors popularly known for his role in Pirates of the Caribbeans,our very own Captain Jack Sparrow.He was born on the 9th of June 1963 in Kentucky USA.Read more


Johnny Depp is a multi talented person making a name for himself in acting producing and much more.

  1. Depp has had a pretty achieving acting career in Hollywood winning a Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards for his role in Caribbean.This franchise continues this 2017 entitled Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead man tells no tale with Johnny Depp maintaining his role.
  2. The actor is also a CEO and founder of his production company Infinitum Nihil.
  3. He has been featured in the Guinness book of records as the highest paid actor,earning 75 million dollars.
  4. He is a wine maker and restaurateur co-owning Man Ray in Paris.
  5. Johnny is also a musician.He formed a super group made of big names in Hollywood called Hollywood vampires.


The battle began in January when the actor sued his ex-managers 25 million dollars for fraud. TMG came hard on him with a counter-sue of 560,00o dollars for unpaid fees and blaming him for his current money problems and their argument seems pretty reasonable.

I will layout both sides of the card here and you can be the judge of who is right or wrong.517.jpg

Well Johnny,it is a little late to negotiate as you shot the first bullet.Anyway his ex-managers gave us a little insight into Johnny’s luxurious life.

They say;

  • He did things on his own and listened to no one.
  • He lies to the public and authorities to avoid taking responsibility just as it was the case in his recent infamous Australian dog smuggling incident and his volatile behavior on ex-wife Amber Heard who is now dating a billionaire.[OUCH]
  • He suffers from compulsive spending disorder which will be proven in court as he will be subjected to mental health evaluation during proceedings.
  • He has spent a fortune on “hush” money settlements with the approval of his “army” of lawyers to bail him out of legal crisis.417.jpg

Just FYI Depp’s net worth  is about 400 million US D. Bring out your calculators and join me.Let’s take a look on that Compulsive Spending Disorder TMG is talking about.

  • It’s has been reported that the actor spends 2 million US D per month.# blessed.
  • 75 million US D  to acquire and improve 14 residences[he probably stays in a different house each day].
  • A chain of islands in the Bahamas.
  • Multiple houses in Hollywood[enough with the houses].
  • 45 luxury vehicles.
  • 70 collective guitars[he is a musician.Makes sense].
  • 45 acre chateau in South of France[he should probably rethink this acting thing and join real estate like Trump,he might be president one day].
  • Enough Hollywood memorabilia to fill 12 storage facilities[he can own a pawn shop].
  • 1.2 million US D on a personal on-call physician.
  • Millions of dollars to employ his army…lol army of lawyers.
  • Donated 1 million US D to the hospital that took care of his daughter when she had a temporary kidney failure[finally some charity].
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars on a sound engineer to feed him lines  through an earpiece during shooting so he doesn’t have to memorize his lines[now this is debatable he is an amazing actor].
  • Purchased a canon ball worth 5 million dollars.
  • 30,000 on wine[sometimes we need a pretty epic hangover].MOREdeppscared_d6c346c5f2d498871502ee9a1b2d0850.jpg


Captain Jack Sparrow always prevails but will Johnny debt prevail too?

Let’s take a look at my favorite Johnny Depp quote,

“Me, I’m dishonest and you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest.Honestly it is the honest one you have to watch out for”.

Could this be the dishonesty he was talking about?The actor completely accepts his spending habits and justifies himself by saying “It’s my money.If I want to  buy 15,000 cotton balls a day,it’s my thing”.

Well the captain has spoken. I rest my case.



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Welcome to the goldmine.
If you are a makeup Artist, Enthusiast, Critic etc then you would know how important highlighters are. If not, then check out my post on highlighters to get acquainted cuz it’s magical. It gives that shimmer and glow to the high parts of your face like bridge of nose, cheekbones etc making every look glam and on fleek. Makeup products can be quite expensive especially if you decide to use the big makeup names like Sephora, MAC etc.

How about I tell you there is a way to go around this and cut expenses. Get the money you were going to use for a highlighter and treat yourself to something nice. Maybe a nice pair of earrings, skinny jeans or a jean jacket. Guess what? You can buy whatever you want from now on cuz as long as you’ve got me and we’ve got each other you will be spending a lot less on makeup cuz I will teach you how to DIY (do it yourself).

If you are not ready to spend take your shoes off, let your hair down and read on. I promise you will love every minute of it.

We are going to make two types of highlighters
A. PRESSED HIGHLIGHTERS: This is especially conducive for long-term users. We will need the following;
• Container: Old powder or concealer container.
• Spatula for mixing.
• 70% Alcohol: Always add drop after drop cuz we are going for a dry and not wet paste.
• Tissue
• Eye shadow: You are in control here so whatever colour you want your highlighter to look like depends on you but remember the shade you put the most will be dominant. The champagne shade suits light skin tones and bronze for darker skin tones.imag19091.jpg
Powder your eye shadow into the container and add alcohol drop after drop till you have attained your preferred consistency.
Cover with tissue and place a hard thingy on top hence the pressed formula.
Take off tissue and leave open for 12 hrs tops for the highlighter to dry up and tadaa!!!!!!! Your highlighter is ready.
It’s not advisable to apply on the face immediately. Keep in your fridge overnight to make it harder then you can get all glamed up.
B. CREAM HIGHLIGHTER: This has a little more edge over the pressed powder as you can use it on-the-go by making a little directly on your palm or for long-term use. We are going to use the same equipment but we are going to substitute the alcohol for moisturizer.

Powder your preferred eye shadow into the container and add your moisturizer few drops at a time and mix till you get the cream you need.
You can add a little bit of your favorite face primer for a longer lasting product.

If this still doesn’t seem right to you well,no problem. I’ll give you a few reasons why this DIY is amazing.
• It’s literally a zero cost product as you already have all you need in your makeup bag.
• You are in total control and can whip up whatever you want however you like it.
• It is super easy.
• You now have much more money in your hands so it’s a win-win.
• It’s fun.
• You can now teach someone else and be their hero.
You are ready to go get ‘snatched’. Read on how to apply your highlighter in our previous post. Did you follow this easy guide to making your highlighter? Send us pics of your finished product, comment or email us and let us know how this helped.


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          It is always natural to speculate which side artists and celebrities are on.Do they believe in God or not? Are they successful because they are affiliated to sects and cults like the famous Illuminati? Well speculate no more because Locko is on the Lords side and he proves this to us in his new single “Thank you Lord”,telling us how awesome God is in his own words.OH! and he also asks for forgiveness from God.

 Charles Arthur Locko Samba  is 22 years old and one of Kamer’s best male artist and especially famous because he is the leading male artist in his genre of music gracing our ears with his amazing voice and lyrics  which always includes the three most popular languages in Cameroon;English,French and Pidgin. Kamer will always need Locko.

This is why it was particularly disheartening  when news reached me of his accident.It was even more depressing because at that time I was in the internet blackout zone and this made it difficult to follow up the story or prove its veracity. Tenor a Cameroonian rapper and partner with Big Dreams Entertainment shared on his Facebook page the sad incident.

” Thank you lord” for giving  him a speedy recovery and bringing him back to us.

He is back and is already making music.His single which was released on 30th April titled “Thank you Lord” proves to us he is healthier and  is ready to continue making good music.

“Thank you Lord” is the second single of his upcoming album and he mixes it up with a little Wizkid style”I get this feeling in my heart…”.

Do not miss out. Join the world and  Cameroon in dancing to Locko’s “Thank you Lord”. Click here to watch the  video and here for audio.YEMA!!!!!!!!!!


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It can be very frustrating for a child or adult who can’t use their limbs and other parts of their body because of physical deformations. How about the mothers and relatives of these children who have to take care of them 24/7?We all know how important it is to have a fully functioning body.People in Africa suffer from diseases that can be treated.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MERCY SHIPS is a charitable organization with the aim of helping the poorest people get the best medical care and enjoy the many benefits of good health. They are an actual ship cruising throughout the world and stopping at every port to help those with very peculiar health problems like physical deformations but who do not have the finances .They are presently in Benin and will be stopping at the Douala sea port to help every Cameroonian who needs their help from August 2017-June 2018.

The most amazing thing about Mercy Ships is they are absolutely free. You might end up spending very very little or nothing at all. They take care of transportation to the mercy ship hospital, feeding, pre and post surgery needs etc.
Registration is ongoing .All those interested should register at the nearest health service office with their patient. It’s as ABC as it gets. For more information visit your nearest health centre or hospital or visit the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Health.

Help save a life by sharing and spread the word so it reaches those who need these services or by donating to the Mercy Ships charity.
Mercy Ships also accepts volunteers who will cruise with them for two months and longer. Any help is welcomed. Visit their website and checkout the vacancies you can fill and help put a smile on the face of someone. Keep following and liking our blog for more posts on health news and updates and the tips and tricks to stay healthy.

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By Geraldríco Gúevara II

Bottles have become bibles!
In the clench of drunks who babble.

Shaky hands transport dose after dose
Of the sedated beer to shuddering lips.
While ogre eyes admire all passing hips
And disenchanted brains take another pose.

Gutters have become homes
To drunks who grabble
As urine pours throw python penises
And shit flees through beer-stained buttocks.

Oh, and they stagger like drunken trees,
Their eyes cocking in lust at every heavy bossom
Of the nkolo-ya-moh shit-filled ladies
While stale words through lips blossom:
‘mama, one night na how much?’
Then they belch like hungry whales-
Their eyes darting in desire like vampires,
Men reduced to beer martyrs.

Trente Trois and Guinness, the new anthem-
Smirnoff and Booster, a new stratagem;
The bars fuller than Christ’s home,
The republic shattering under beer’s foam.

Children starve, emaciate and weep
The wife struggles and sadly sleeps
While waiting for her man
Who has become a Guinness fan.

There he comes staggering
Urine escaping bleached jeans
While emaciated lips sing in queue:
”afofo weti I do you
Afofo weti I do you,
I take ma money I buy you
You take me nackam for down”

The baby strapped to the contours
Of its mother’s lust-deformed back.
One innocent Cameroonian
But a baby, Shaking in fear and distrust
As a shameless mother rocks
To the rhythm of stale Makossa
To the thrill of okrika Bikutsi
And to the bleats of Tuer Pour Tuer.

How she winds her inflated bossoms
To the thrill of malnourished drunks,
And jittles her Medusan breasts
To the confusion of drunken punks.

The baby wide-eyed
Fed with beer from that opiate bottle –
It then begins to giggle and writhe.
Its first Lesson in drunkenness complete.

It is again strapped to the back,
As its mothers runs to the mark
Where ‘Tuer Pour Tuer’ is preached
And to whose rhythm she’ll squirm and screech.

University Degrees now casualties of War.
While the Nation is littered with poor
Who cannt find jobs, and who cannt find bliss.
There are tears in my eyes, but we cann’t desist.

This is my country,
This is my territory.
This is our colony.
This is our patrimony.
No jobs, few pubs.
Few friends, more fiends.
More sadism, less optimism.
More disillusionment, less encouragement.
Less hope, more lope –

Because of
Less good men and more evil politicians.
Now, we the youths wipe our eyes –
But still more tears fall, as another youth dies.
He never fulfilled his dreams
He never lived in all those beams.
We need the sages!
And less cages.

Were we made for crime?
Or to dream along with time?
We need to know, else beer will remain
Our national Byzantium
In which we all shall keep searching
for peace and ungodly bliss.


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